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Nestled in the cradle of the highest mountain on earth, it is not surprising that NEPAL has come to be known as the country where deities mingle with mortals.

NEPAL is an explorer 's paradise. Imagine people born deep in the Himalaya, displaying the wisdom and patience of these mountains in every smile. From tropical jungles and the birthplace of Lord Buddha to the ancient old palaces and the marvelous trekking trails below the world famous Himalayan mountains.

NEPAL is the religious, pilgrimage and the cultural wonderland. Here are Gaur Shankar, home of Shiva and his consort, Parvati; the Gnash Himal, named after the elephant-headed God Ganesh; and Mt. Annapurna, named after the God of food fulfillment.

Things to Know about Nepal:
Living cultural Museum; Shangri-La; Roof of the World; Birth place of the Apostle of Peace; Country of Living Goddess; City of Golden Pagodas and Parasols; Himalayan Pilgrimage; Nature amphitheatre; Melting pot of Hinduism and Buddhism; A tiny nation with diversity of 103 ethnic groups; 93 spoken languages; Birth place of Sita; Abode of Shiva; Land of Mysticism & Exoticism;

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